Sunday, 12 August 2012

Edinburgh FRINGE - I Got It! An Actor's Tale Review

Edinburgh's International Festival - and its associated up-staging, cheaper, dirtier, funnier, rawer sideshow, the FRINGE - rolled into town last week with a fresh selection of shows to delight all walks of life. Indeed, such is the multicultural mix of tourists which descend upon Scotland's Capital, it's amusing to see how astute show-boaters tweak their shows for niches, and sub-niches, of the holiday-making throng.

Whilst its possible to catch a big-name show, the FRINGE cut its teeth on the up-and-coming stars of tomorrow. Therefore, I found it appropriate that my first FRINGE experience this year was at the hands of 18-year-old Marc McKinnon and his self-produced, self-written, self-starred and self-directed show I Got It! An Actor's Tale.

McKinnon and his fresh-faced cast produced a stunning show - all the more impressive considering their relative inexperience. Clearly carrying shades of the biographical - it tells the story of a young actor searching for his big break - the music, the cast and the choreography - not to mention the singing - punched well above my expectations.

A standing ovation for the young cast rounded off a pleasant evening. Mark my words - you'll be hearing lots more from the SMILE-N Productions in the future.

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